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Portland, ME, United States


High-energy 3D/Graphic Designer successful in building and motivating dynamic teams. Cultivates a company culture in which staff members and customers feel comfortable voicing questions and concerns, as well as contributing new ideas that drive company growth. Respected employee and manager, capable of handling high-stress and demanding positions. Qualifications include six years of graphic design experience including 3 years as creative director, manager & keyholder of HUD Gaming Lounge in Portland, ME.

Former Graphic Design & Marketing Lead for Pangolin Laser Systems.


Video EditingArt DirectionColor ManagementPhoto-manipulationTypographyWeb DesignBrandingRenderingGraphic Design

Software proficiency

After Effects
After Effects
Cinema 4D
Cinema 4D
DAZ Studio
DAZ Studio
Affinity Designer
Affinity Designer
Octane Render
Octane Render



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    • Commercial / Advertisement
      Revibe Wellness Retreat
    • Year
    • Role
    • Company
      Mezz Visuals
  • 107831934 296559865032247 7102393466032335264 n
    • Commercial / Advertisement
      Unity Lasers Brand Release
    • Year
    • Role
      Graphic Designer / Creative Lead
    • Company
      Unity Lasers / Pangolin Lasers / Kvant Lasers
  • Production experience cover art   sleepover
    • Commercial / Advertisement
      Psychedelic Sleepover Music & Arts Festival
    • Year
    • Role
      Lead Graphic Designer / VJ
    • Company
      Taproot Productions
  • Hud flyer production resume
    • Commercial / Advertisement
      HUD Gaming Lounge Rebrand
    • Year
    • Role
      Creative Director / Graphic Designer
    • Company
      HUD Gaming Lounge


  • Lead Graphic Designer at Pangolin Laser Systems
    Orlando, United States of America
    March 2020 - October 2020

    • Lead branding & graphic designer behind the Unity Lasers brand.

    • Curate branding and design elements for existing brand and new brands being released by the company.

    • Meet extremely fast deadlines with design work.

    • Daily social media posting and scheduling for upcoming events, sales, releases and more.

    • Engage with customers daily through social media platforms.

    • Generate lead captures across all platforms and websites.

    • Curate all designs and content for daily social media posting.

    • Create newsletter automations for email database of over 70,000 people worldwide.

    • Plan and execute sales strategies and monthly advertising.

    • Develop audience ad demographics for Facebook & Instagram

    • Develop monthly performance analytics of all social media platforms.

    • Communicate frequently and reliably within a small team

    • Plan and monitor the ongoing company presence on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)

    • Launch optimized online adverts through Google Adwords, Facebook

    • Daily adjustments of SEO using Ahrefs and other tools.

    • Prepare online newsletters and promotional emails through our CRM (ActiveCampaign)

    • Provide creative ideas and plan to execute across multiple marketing platforms.

    • Stay up to date on online marketing trends and strategies.

    • Increase reviews and lead capture efforts.

    • Daily backend maintenance of websites, email automations and social media platforms.

    • Remain knowledgeable on laser / lighting industry along with industry competitors.

    • Communicate and develop marketing & branding strategies for world-wide audiences.

  • Lead Graphic Designer at Taproot Productions
    United States of America
    September 2016 - September 2019

    - Designed and curated the branding and design of the "Psychedelic Sleepover" Music & Arts festival - helping draw in over 2,000+ ticket sales for the events' second year

    - Frequent flyer designs for upcoming shows put on by Taproot Productions

    - Provide on the fly edits under certain circumstances to meet intense deadlines

    - Working alongside the pace and high-intensity atmosphere of electronic music industry

    - Engage in frequent communication with clients regarding project briefs and progression

    - Work on site providing live stage visuals for music artists performing over the course of festival.

  • Graphic Designer & Creative Director at HUD Gaming Lounge
    Portland, United States of America
    March 2016 - January 2018

    - Assist in designing a local video game arcade featuring an elite array of gaming computers and top-of-the-line peripherals. Paired with current-gen gaming consoles, next generation VR and a club-like atmosphere.

    - Provide direct assistance with the owner in running a 3 person team providing location hours ranging from 2pm-2am weekly & 12pm-4am weekends.

    - Keyhold and assist with open & closing duties

    - Provide assistance in running bank deposits and drawer counts when owner is on leave during business trips

    - Run location solo during times where owner is gone during business leave

    - Provide personal assistance for guests to private parties and tournaments

    - Provide good personal image and company standing whilst commentating live on-stream for viewers during tournaments.

    - Daily graphic design and brand management duties

    - Daily update of signage design and implementation

    - Constant updates of computers and Windows OS based computer rigs

    - Spend provided budget given on restocking of food / marketing and advertising

    - Curate organic self driven community ran by non-corporate local business owners

  • Graphic Designer & Marketing Assistant at Fatzon Productions
    Bangor, ME, United States of America
    November 2013 - July 2015

    - Provide weekly flyer designs & online marketing assets for upcoming music events

    - Assist in marketing strategies and ticket sales techniques over social media to a college demographic

    - Work alongside venue owners and booking agents to assure all fliers and assets are approved

    - Assist in hospitality by bringing music artists & event coordinators to and from airports / destinations

    - Assist in Audio/Visual event production setup including back-end of event management at venues & clubs.

    - Constant complex problem solving

    - Assist in constant conflict resolution and de-escalation